Tibetan Spaniel Health Updates

Verbal Health Report 23/02/2020:

Kennel Club has limited “hereditary clear” status to 2 generations, starting 2022.
Members of the assured breeders scheme now have to test for PRA every 12 months.

I was asked last time to look into the prevalence of liver shunts and allergies in the breed.
Multiple studies looked into breed predisposition to liver shunts, Tibetan Spaniels were not diagnosed with shunts in any of the studies. However, shunts can occur unpredictably in all breeds, so individuals will sometimes be affected.

There aren’t good papers to compare historic and current rates of allergy, though they seem to be stable between 1974-2001. Humans are having increases in allergies due to multiple factors, many of which are environmental. As dogs share our environment, they may get increased allergies. Hard to say. Tibetan Spaniels don’t get allergies more than most dogs.

No update on brachycephalic testing for Tibetan Spaniels as of yet
No update on the Swedish cancer in Tibetan Spaniels report.

Laura Ryan