It's all about me!

From the day she was born, Ziggy was special. Having been abandoned by her mum at just 8 hours old, she was hand reared - what a wonderful job Aileen did.

A year had passed since our Cocker Spaniel had said goodbye, and our family had become in need of another furry friend. We had decided to start “looking” for another dog, to which Aileen and I had exchanged messages about visiting a special puppy that needed a special home (aka I had the puppy bedding, puppy pads and toys in the boot of the car, well prepared – although hesitant to admit it to the girls – for a new addition to the family). Special indeed, Ziggy, as expected, melted our hearts and the look on the girls faces when I asked “can we just take her now?” was priceless.

Aileen was a fountain of knowledge, giving us the rundown on our new life as tibby servants. “It’s all about her”, laughed Aileen, and this was no exaggeration! While she is demanding with an extra dose of mischievous, she doesn’t believe in mornings (will sleep ‘till noon!) and loves to let anyone know within a 5-mile radius if there is another dog on ‘her’ street. She adores other dogs, though. Especially her cousin Pedro, a Spanish Water Dog (who is extremely patient with her endless efforts to play) and her best friend at training Shadow- a Hovawart.


A few days after she arrived, I decided I could leave her in the kitchen whilst I popped upstairs. Being the queen of trouble-making that she is, she was barking like crazy and so I came downstairs, only to find her standing on the dining room table! I could not believe my eyes and even more so couldn’t figure out how she had managed it (after multiple instances of table-gate, and secretive watching, we have come to the conclusion that she had actually jumped on a chair, climbed along the windowsill and then onto the table). As you can see in this picture, she was very proud of herself!

It never ceases to amaze me when we are out how many people absolutely adore her, in saying that we have had everything from a “long haired pug” to a pompug! (amateurs!)

We originally had no intention of showing (I wonder how many people have said that?) but somehow, we have found ourselves regularly going to shows, with Ziggy having some amazing successes. I had shown years ago and my family are still involved, so we started going to training which she loved. We are all very proud of Ziggy and her winning BIS at the Breed Club, qualifying for Crufts and winning her class at Manchester Champ Show under a breed Specialist.

It really has been the most special year for us all, coupled with meeting so many lovely people. Aileen, we thank you so much for our new ruler of the family, Balgay Okurimono (Japanese for gift!)

Gale Adams